Host Family Information

Team Guidelines and Curfew: Team Guidelines such as Curfew, Dress Codes, Professional Conduct, etc will be created between the Players and Coaching Staff prior to the Regular Season beginning. The Host Family will be provided a copy of the Team Guidelines at that time.

Schedules and Calendars: At the beginning of each month we will be providing the Host Family with a basic calendar of events for that month. This will include Workouts, Practices, Team Functions, Game Times, Bus Departures, etc.

Road Trips: When the team travels on the road a member of the Coaching Staff will notify the Host Family by text message what time their player is expected home and what time curfew is that night.

House Responsibilities: As Host Families, you are not expected to become servants to your Player. You are providing a bedroom, food, and a caring environment for the Player to live in. The Player is expected to become a regular member of your Family and is expected to follow your house rules as well as participate in helping out around the house. We expect our Players to keep their environment clean and tidy and treat their new home with the utmost respect. It is the responsibility of the Host Family to communicate with the Player on what your House Rules are and how you want things to run in your home.

Meals and Nutrition: We expect our Players to eat healthy nutritious food. Young athletes will eat a lot but it is not the expectation that the Host Family will provide beyond the essentials. An example of this would be protein powders, sports drinks, etc. These types of extras are the responsibility of the Player. The Host Family will, however, be expected to provide healthy nutritious food. The Player can be expected to make his own breakfast and lunch and hopefully, the Host Family and the Player will have supper together as a Family.

Personal Items: The Player is expected to provide all of his own personal hygiene items. These include toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, hair products, shaving products, etc. None of these items are the responsibility of the Host Family.

Transportation: The Player is expected to provide his own transportation. The Players will arrange their own rides to workouts, practices, games, school, etc. The Host Family is not responsible for transportation.

House Guests: The Player is not permitted to have guests, including female guests, to your home without your permission. All permitted guests must be gone from your home by curfew. Sleepovers are not permitted at the Host Family home.

Telephone Calls: Incoming calls are not permitted after curfew. Players should limit the use of the House Phone to allow any other Host Family members to use the phone. Players should not make long distance phone calls from the House Phone.

Computers: The Player should not use the House Computer without permission from the Host Family. Most Players have their own personal devices to use to go online, etc.

Tickets: The Team will provide a Season Ticket to every immediate Host Family member that resides at the home. These tickets will be arranged through the Glens Management prior to the Regular Season beginning.

Grocery Vouchers: Our Host Families are provided $250 on the 1st of the month and $250 again on the 15th of the month. The Host Family is expected to use these vouchers on healthy food items.

Communication: Open communication between the Host Family and the Player is the key to a successful experience. Please feel comfortable speaking to the Player about anything that you need. Any questions that you have for the Team can be directed to